Egg Hunter: The Best Easter Egg Hunts

April 17 2014 by James West

best easter egg hunts.jpgRemember that feeling of sitting in the living room with your little wicker basket, waiting anxiously for your parents to finish hiding the eggs outside? Every nook and cranny flashes through your 7 year-old mind as you try to predict where the juiciest prizes will be hidden. The back door flies open and you stiff arm your siblings and parents on your way out. Only Christmas morning compares to the pure bliss experienced when you scoop those colorful plastic orbs off the ground and into your basket. Once the last egg is found, you stare at your pickings with pride, knowing that you had enough candy to keep you sick for weeks. The Easter Egg Hunt is the stuff dreams are made of. And if you're looking to give your kid the Easter they'll never forget, head over to one of these top hunting grounds.

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I'm Dreaming of Blue Hawaiian Waters this Summer

April 17 2014 by Manny Ruiz

hawaii dream vacation.jpgI feel very blessed that, as our family has grown to four children, we've still been able to claim summer as our most sacred time together for road trip vacations. The thought of "road trip" and "four kids" makes most parents cringe but, as anybody that knows me could tell you, for the Ruiz clan, this is normal. We live by the motto that a familia that road trips together, stays together, even if road tripping for us means traveling with two adults and one-, five-, 10- and 14-year-olds.

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Four Great US Cities for Business and Vacations

April 16 2014 by Claudia Kunkel
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business and vacation destinations.jpgThe listing of the Top 25 Convention Centers by feature desirable destinations that attract both business and vacation travelers. To gain a spot in the Top 25, cities' convention space was ranked based on square footage and level of activity. Here are five of these major convention cities that do a terrific job at offering enviable attractions.

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AIR MILES® For Business Small Business Achievement Awards

April 16 2014 by BW Innsider

small business canada.jpgSmall business is certainly BIG business in Canada. Did you know that 98.2% of all the businesses in Canada have less than 100 employees? I had no idea it was that high. Another stat that surprised me was the fact that 1 in 10 Canadians own a business and that there are more than 835,000 entrepreneurs in Canada. So much for our conservative nature!

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Facebook and Travel

April 15 2014 by Bryson Forbes

facebook and travel.jpgFor years, the travel industry has been dealing with tremendous and rapid change. When I started in retail travel in 2002, clients would come to an agency and say, "Send me somewhere warm!" Okay, I am over-simplifying it just a bit, but they certainly relied on the expertise of the Agent and had little to no access to information. Fast-forward twelve years and the dynamic is certainly much different.

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Hispanicize 2014 Gives Us a Preview of What's Hot and What's Trending

April 15 2014 by Manny Ruiz

hispanic family travel trends.jpgOne of the biggest perks of organizing the mammoth Hispanicize 2014 event that took place last week in Miami is that I get an inside peek at what's really trending in the U.S. Hispanic market across multiple industries. Now that Hispanicize 2014 is in the past, here's a look at what I see trending in U.S. Hispanic marketing, social media and culture:

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Late Spring and Summer Outlook

April 14 2014 by Chris McGinnis

summer travel outlook.jpgA long, cold winter in much of the U.S., combined with an improving economy and increasing consumer confidence mean that the upcoming summer travel season will be busy, crowded and more expensive than last summer.

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I Dream of Summer on a Motorcycle

April 14 2014 by Jason Fogelson

motorcycle summer vacation.jpgWe had a very mild, very dry winter here in Southern California. Too mild and too dry, actually. It means that we're headed for a hot, hot summer. I got a little bit of a preview this week, as business took me out to Temeculah, California, in Riverside County. Temeculah is in the midst of a 20-year transformation from sleepy desert town to thriving center of viticulture. It's remarkable to see.

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Minor League Baseball Has the Mayberry USA Feel to Sports That I Love

April 9 2014 by Manny Ruiz

Minor League Baseball Travel.jpgCall me jaded about the big cities, or a just Mayberry USA kind of guy, but when I travel with my family, we're often more impressed by the quaint and quirky small towns than the major metropolitan places.

Maybe it's the close-knit communities, picturesque architecture, or even the down home cooking you encounter in Small Town USA, but there's something very alluring about small cities that makes us feel that way.

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